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‘COVID-19 Office Space Safety’


I’m sure you are already aware of all of the precautions the U.K are undertaking in making businesses ‘COVID-19 Secure’. 

Durham Rose has always been proud of our dedication to our team’s and client’s safety and wellness- we are now stepping up again and focusing on the following policies:

  • Travelling to us
  • Here East & Plexal
  • Durham Rose


Below is a summary of these revised practices and policies so you have all the information you may need to make your journey to us, a comfortable, healthy and enjoyable one.


Travelling to see us:

For those who are travelling to us via personal transport, car parking is provided in the Here East Car Park. 

Please book your visit with us in advance and we can arrange a complimentary car park space for your arrival date.

For those who are travelling to us via public transport, there is a shuttle bus from Stratford Station to Here East, provided free of charge. 

All Here East vehicles and drivers adhere to the strictest possible COVID-19 secure protocols. 

As with any type of transport, please maintain safe distances, wear your mask where necessary and sanitise your hands before and after.


Here East & Plexal:

As a member of the Plexal Community, we are also adhering to their measures, you can review those here: 

We do need to pre-register you with the Plexal reception team with at least 24 hours notice, so please do let us know ahead of your visit.


Durham Rose:

Following on from Plexal’s guidelines, we also have a few additional steps to keep us all as safe as possible. 

These include:

  • Disclaimer
  • Face shields & Masks
  • Sanitising station 
  • Handling of Goods & Provenance
  • Track & Trace 



We request all of our in person visitors to fill out a short disclaimer form to confirm you are COVID-19 symptom free and safe to travel. This is provided in your consultation booking confirmation.


Face shields & Masks:

We are requesting all of our in-person visitors wear face masks as well as our team members. 

If you forget to bring your masks, we will provide you with a disposable one on site.

If you require clear masks to be worn in order to help with any SEND or Communication needs, please do let us know.


Sanitising station:

As you enter Plexal, there is a sanitising station provided for your use. Following on from that, we recognise there are additional surfaces and people you may come in contact with en route to our designated office area, so we will be providing a secondary sanitising unit pre and post consultation (located on the upper mezzanine).


Handling of Goods & Provenance:

We are aware of some concerns about the supply chain and potential exposure when handling goods. 

To combat this, we have a very clear provenance record of all who have been involved in creating your lifetime piece which is available on request. 

We handle our goods in line with the RJC, NAJ, BJA and HSE recommendations and we can provide an additional clean of your final piece prior to collection to ensure the highest possible standards of care and sanitisation are provided.


Track & Trace:

All Durham Rose suppliers and clients will be expected to complete a small ‘Track & Trace’ form upon entry. This data is stored for 21 days and then deleted in accordance with GDPR stipulations. 

We understand this may be a lot to digest, so please feel free to talk to one of our humans if you want any clarification or further information on 0203 627 8774.


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