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Nothing says ‘classic’ quite like the Solitaire engagement ring. The striking yet minimalist form allows the centre stone to be the star. Solitaires are supremely versatile and will suit any shape, size or colour of centre stone while the choice of setting style, or embellishments is all yours.



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Trilogies are truly romantic designs and traditionally the three gemstones represent your past, present and future together. Three shoulder-to-should diamonds will always be a winning combination but trilogies also call out for the use of colour, inviting you to combine the gemstones that you adore in your unique design.


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Creating shape and drama with a halo of gemstones can bring a ring to life. Diamonds upon diamonds add to the size of the design and at a glance a halo can give the illusion of a single showstopping diamond. Halos are also a great opportunity to combine different gemstones in an exciting and completely personal design.


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Eternity Ring


A symbol of eternal love, often gifted on the birth of a child or a significant anniversary, eternity rings are usually set with diamonds or another precious gemstone in a continuous line around the ring. Adapted for modern life and in order to make your ring easier to care for in the long term, we always recommend a three quarter set or half set eternity ring with a small section of plain metal at the back of the band.


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Cocktail Ring


Bold and elaborate, the sky’s the limit with a cocktail ring. Designed to be worn on special occasions (opposed to every day) this is an opportunity to celebrate any gemstone you love! Don’t follow the rules, show your personality and have fun!



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Promise Ring


A promise of commitment, to be there, to love. Without the traditions of an engagement ring a promise ring doesn’t have any rules. Use any gemstone you love, make it any size you fancy, wear it on any finger you want. The symbolism is personal and what better way to celebrate that than with a personal, bespoke design.



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Wedding Ring


In the symbolic shape of a circle continuing for infinity, perhaps with an engraving hidden within, a wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love. Heavy weight and smooth, delicate and light, maybe two tone, maybe with diamonds or a decorative texture the options to customise your wedding ring are bountiful!




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