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How Long Will it Take


Custom Made Rings With Custom Tailored Timelines

Our manufacturing time varies depending on the complexity of the design and the workshop we use to create it.  Our standard manufacturing time is 25 working days from design sign off by the client. This is when the design has been built in our engineering software and you are completely happy with every element of the design and ready for the manufacturing to commence. Getting to this stage is very much depended on yourself and the availability of stones etc, but the design process is usually complete between 2-5 working days.

We also offer an express service for an additional fee in case you require your ring sooner which is available on most of our projects. 

Our designers will be more than happy to discuss this further with you during your consultation


“How long will it take? With each ring being custom made and with varying levels of complexity, each ring will have its own unique timeline. However, you can specify ‘express service’ during the manufacturing process to ensure a quicker start to your forever piece”.

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Ring Size Guidance


The likelihood of knowing your partner’s finger size is very slim if you are purchasing an engagement ring, as most of the time this is  a surprise. This isn’t a problem as we have some handy tips to help you work this out. 



How to obtain the correct finger size


  • Take a ring your partner currently wears and have it measured by a professional jeweller. Any jewellery retailer should be able to assist with this but please be mindful of the finger and hand this is worn on. If you do get it wrong, do not worry. as approximately 70% of our rings come back for resizing which is a complementary service Durham Rose offers. 


  • You could also enlist the help of your family and friends. Ask one of your partners friends to do a ‘fake’ shopping trip because they are looking to buy a new ring. Whilst they are in the jewellers having their finger measured they could also get your partner to have theirs measured.

What not to do when trying to obtain the correct finger size


  • Do not rely on a piece of string to give you any sort of idea on a finger size. The material isn’t structured and will not give an accurate reading. It is important to remember the knuckle is the widest point of most peoples fingers, so the ring needs to pass over this area comfortably which string will not be able to do


  • Many people use the plastic ring sizes you can buy online. If you want to use this as a guide make sure it can slide over the knuckle and do not pull it tight once its in the correct place as this will give you a false measurement

Other factors to consider when obtaining the correct finger size


  • The finger size will also be affected depending on the width of the band. The average engagement ring is 2mm wide, but if the band is particularly wide it will create more of a vacuum on the finger and therefore the size may need to increase slightly so it is more comfortable to wear.


  • The engagement ring usually sits on the third finger on the left hand next to your little finger. If you are right handed, your left hand tends to be a size smaller and vice versa. There are no rules to follow in guessing your partner’s finger size, but if you have bought rings previously which are worn on the right hand your design expert will be able to assist with the size of your partner’s ring finger


  • If you are purchasing a ring to sit next to another ring it may be worth increasing the finger size by half a size so the ring set does not create a vacuum on the finger.

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We believe the beauty of the ring should be reflected in the beauty of its arrival

Will The Packaging Make It Obvious That I Am Receiving A Ring?

Our rings are delivered by a courier in an unbranded, discrete bag. Note that we use unbranded outer packaging as a way of disguising the initial delivery for anonymity so as not to ruin the surprise. The package consists of a stylish presentation box including your gemstone/diamond certificate and invoice. The ring itself is beautifully presented in a sleek grey ring box inside a gift wrapped bag.

I am Worried That My Partner Will Find Out, Can The Ring Be Delivered To Somewhere Other Than My Home Address?

Yes. If you are paying with a debit card we can ship the ring to an alternative address, the package will simply need to be signed for by you upon receipt. If you have paid by credit card, we are only able to deliver to the billing address associated with the card. This is to ensure that your security is not jeopardised during the process.

We frequently ship to hotels worldwide and we are happy to arrange this discreet delivery option with you during your experience with us. We can ship all around the world and depending on location, this will incur a 1-4 day ship period. We charge an additional £80 for all deliveries outside the UK.

Can I Track My Delivery?

Yes. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery which is ‘Guaranteed Next Day’ delivery and requires a signature so it is an extremely secure method of shipment. If we are shipping overseas we opt for DHL who we have a longstanding working relationship with and have complete confidence in their overseas delivery. In both instances, your parcel will be tracked from start to finish and we will inform you of such details via secure email.

Can I Collect It Myself?

Yes, if you would like to collect your ring in person this can also be arranged. It’s always a pleasure being able to meet our clients face to face and we welcome the opportunity,  so if you would prefer to do this please do just let us know.

What If The Package Arrives And Is Damaged Or Looks Tampered With?

Although we go to great lengths to ensure that your product arrives safely and in perfect condition, it is wise to inspect the contents to ensure that they have not been damaged during transit. If you are concerned about the parcel upon receipt, please contact us immediately on +44 (0)203 393 9091 before signing for it. Once you have signed for delivery, the ring is no longer covered by our insurance.

Are There Any Shipping Charges?

Packages sent outside the EU may be subject to a local tax or duty which is the responsibility of the customer. Payment is made in Great British Pounds (£), so Dollar ($) and Euro (E) prices are meant as a guide only. Your credit card company will convert to your currency at their exchange rate.

What Happens If I Miss The Courier Delivery?

If for some reason you are not able to sign for the delivery, the package will be taken to your nearest postal depot and a card with re-delivery or collection options will be posted through your door as per the usual protocol.

Contact Us

If you have any further queries regarding our delivery policy, please send us an email on or call a member of the Durham Rose team on +44 (0) 2081440035

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Ring Book


We love what we do. We love what we are a part of. We love going the extra mile for each and every client and we feel that such a momentous life experience should be documented from start to finish. We do this by providing you with a photobook of how you brought your dream moment from design to reality.

Lets us guide you through the journey this incredible piece of jewellery went through before it became the piece of art you presented to your loved one.

You will receive a book that features an array of images; including a picture of the proposed deign you first created along with the final renders, a 3D printed wax model picture along with several other production images. These may include a photograph of the raw casting and our highly skilled craftsmen, sat at the bench hand setting your carefully selected stones. Once the ring is finished it is inspected at the Durham Rose Head Office where we photograph the finished pieces. These images will be included in the book too. The last pages are where we include the proposal images you send us to tie the entire process together from from how the idea started to the proposal itself. The perfect finishing touch to your story.

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Hallmarking and Engraving


What is Hallmarking?

Hallmarking is a legal requirement in the UK to ensure proof of authenticity. This is typically the last stage in the manufacturing process. A hallmark is made up of a series of marks presented as laser engravings the surface of the metal. It can be thought of as a unique ‘birthmark’; giving your piece of jewellery a distinguished place of origin. It guarantees that you are getting the exact purity of metal that you have purchased. The symbols of a hallmark give the following information:

  • The guaranteed standard of fineness
  • The Assay office at which the article was tested and marked
  • The year in which the article was tested and marked
  • A sponsors mark

Here at Durham Rose we send your pieces to the trusted Sheffield Assay office for certification and hallmarking. Other locations for hallmarking are in Edinburgh, London and Birmingham each represented differently in the hallmark by distinguishing symbols


The Standard Of Fineness

This relates to the quality of type of metal, for example the purity of the precious metal content. Each metal is measured in parts of 1000 i.e. 750 parts per 1000 is equivalent to the 18 carat gold standard. The metal alloy must be at least 750 parts per 1000 to be marked as 18 carat gold. If the metal were 9 carat gold the reading would have to be above 375 per 1000.

In the UK fine jewellery is usually made to the fineness of 18ct gold which is 750. The standard UK marking for silver is sterling, 925. The Platinum mark would be 950 along with Palladium


Platinum Standard Marks


gold standard marks


palladium standards


silver standard marks

The Assay Office Mark

This symbol shows which assay office marked and tested the article. As you can see from the symbols below. Birmingham is represented by an anchor, Edinburgh is represented by a castle and London is represented by a leopard’s head. Here at Durham Rose we send your pieces to the trusted Sheffield Assay office for certification and hallmarking, represented by an English rose.

assay office marks

Year Of Hallmark

The date an article was hallmark is advertised used date letter. Examples below:

Optional Marks - Date Letters

The Sponsors Mark

To have a sponsor’s mark you have to register with the assay office. This is usually the initials of the maker/designer but it could also be the manufacturer or retailer. We at Durham Rose use a ‘DR’.

Optional Traditional Mark

The traditional mark tells you which metal the piece is made of.

Traditional Marks

What is Engraving?

To add further sentiment to your piece of jewellery, you may wish to include some engraving on the inside of your band. This can be approved in a variety of fonts and we can even engrave your personal hand writing or an image. Most of our clients have a significant date or place that is completely unique to the occasion and we would be delighted in bringing this to life for you.

The majority of our engraving is laser engraved. This allows for precision is such as small area, however sometimes we need to rely on the steady hand and expertise of hand engraving, if the laser engraver can’t focus for example. Laser engraving is a quick and effective process. Using a bonding agent you can customise your piece when heat from the laser bonds with the marking agent to the metal resulting in a permanent mark which we refer to as the engraving.


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Our Workshops



We are fortunate to have workshops in London, the United States and India with a superior team of experts, craftsmen and women with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the jewellery industry.

Each workshop specialises in different fortes and as a result, have varying timescales for manufacturing.  We carefully select the perfect workshop to manufacture your ring. 


Our normal manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks, but our UK based craftsmen are able to deliver in a much shorter timescale, so if you find yourself in a hurried position, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Our London based workshop is able to create stunning pieces of jewellery within a matter of days using our express delivery service.

United States

Our United States manufacturing facility has an extensive stock of beautiful gemstones and diamonds available at their fingertips. Our trained diamond experts go beyond the norm for hand selecting the perfect diamond by comparing them side by side to admire the light performance and natural beauty of the diamonds before presenting their favourite. Their combined knowledge and expertise are wonderful at creating classic ring designs.


If your taste runs to that of a more intricate palette, with a meticulous eye for precision, we would highly recommend our India workshop.  All of our rings are handset and hand polished so it is very easy to lose the finer detailing in polishing. Our workshop pays extra attention to get this on point not to over polish and lose such important detail. 

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of all the craftsmen that work for Durham Rose.





United States

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