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Diamond Engagement Rings


Nothing says LOVE like a stunning Diamond Engagement Ring.
We don’t sell you a diamond. We help you choose a perfect diamond for your ring. This single choice will come to represent more than 70% of the total cost of your ring, and as such, requires thoughtful consideration, knowledge and an unbiased advocate that has your best interests in mind.

All you need to know in one place

The amount of diamond education available online is truly overwhelming.
The process of selecting one feels daunting. How do you interpret the 4Cs? Are all “Cs” equally important? Should you favour colour over clarity? How does the anatomy of a diamond impact it’s brilliance?
Don’t worry. We have done our homework so you don’t have to.

During our design journey, you decide how much or how little diamond education you want.
We have compiled a helpful guide to choosing the best diamond and stand ready to discuss the best options for your project and budget, with only one goal in mind: to assist you in choosing the best diamond for you!

The Four Diamond Types
You Can Pick From


A private diamond reserve of the finest hand-selected diamonds expertly cut to the supreme pinnacle of high performance.


A unique alternative for the bride who wants something slightly different and a diamond with lots of character. Salt and pepper diamonds are naturally heavily included which creates the ‘salt and pepper’ effect. 


Found in the stunning landscapes of the Northwest territories these diamonds are certified to have a wholly ethical and transparent supply chain from mine to consumer.


Lab-grown or lab-created diamonds are the most recent addition to the options of diamonds available today. They exhibit identical optical, chemical and physical characteristics to earth-mined diamonds, differing solely by their origin.

Diamond Cuts

Diamonds were originally cut as round “brilliants” for it has long been known that this shape produces the most dazzling light performance. Technical advancements in diamond polishing now yield “fancy cuts” that also achieve great sparkle and brilliance. We believe the shape of a diamond is truly a personal choice. While there is no right or wrong, your designer may counsel you toward a specific cut that may be best suited for your dream ring design. 

What do different diamond sizes look like?

A larger carat diamond will generally appear larger than a smaller carat stone, but this is not always the case, especially when comparing two diamonds of similar weight. Certain cuts, or the manner in which a diamond is cut, may favour the appearance of a larger stone by creating a wider table – the top surface of the diamond.

A diamond with a deep cut has less surface area at the top and too much of its weight is hidden from the eye. On the other end of the spectrum, a diamond with a shallow cut appears substantially larger, but may lack the sparkle that gives it beauty. A well-cut, quality diamond will appear larger, while giving off maximum sparkle. Our designers will not only advise you on the best diamond cut, size and appearance for your ring, but also guide you in choosing the best one for your budget.

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