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Design Your Own

Your Bespoke Experience

Step 1 – Begin your Journey

Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Don’t worry – no commitment is required at this point. Your designer will guide you through the process, answer any questions you have and the questions that you did not know you had. At this time, you can share your own ideas, pictures, wishes and whims. Your designer will then get to work on your ring.

You can either come and see us in person or schedule an online consultation via zoom. We are used to working with people all over the world.

Using the latest in 3D modelling software our designers start your project live on the screen, developing your ideas to create the perfect piece for yourself or your significant other. During this stage of the bespoke process, you will consider different precious metals, coloured gemstones, diamond shapes and setting styles.

After your initial session, your designer will refine the design and send you conceptual renders along with images of a handpicked selection of beautiful stones to choose from, which meet your specifications and budget.

Step 2 – Let us bring your ideas to life

Receive photo-realistic images of your design

Once you have signed off on your conceptual model, our experienced CAD designers review every detail, making it perfect for manufacture. At this stage you will receive photo-realistic renders of your design for final approval.

Because of our precise design software, we know the exact amount of metal needed, and the exact stone sizes to be used. This precision allows us to provide you with a fully transparent cost breakdown of the costs.

From experience we know that the renders we produce will give you a fantastic visualisation of your soon-to-be-completed ring. However, if you need to see something more tangible, physically hold a model in your hands before commissioning your design, you can order a prototype wax model.

Step 3 – Things are now getting real

See your amazing design evolve

Once you are completely happy with your design our expert jewellers will get to work and start making your bespoke piece. All we need is a 50% deposit to get started, then you can sit back and relax, knowing that we are bringing your design to life.

Depending on the complexity of the design it may take our highly skilled jewellers 2-6 weeks to work their magic. Your designer will discuss your project timeline in the conceptual phase. We keep you in the loop with email updates and then notify you once your finished piece is ready.

Step 4 – The BIG reveal

The moment you have been waiting for

Before shipping, we inspect every finished design to ensure it is of the finest quality and meets our high standards. Once approved, it is beautifully boxed and ready to dispatch. We will call you to arrange delivery to the most convenient location, making sure it is fully insured throughout its journey and preserving the element of surprise if you are doing this on the down-low.

Step 5 – It comes with a book!

The memories stay alive after the champagne has gone

After you have gone to all the effort of creating a beautifully bespoke piece of fine jewellery, we will create a photo storybook of how your design was designed and crafted. We can even add a personal photo or two to make the memento even more special. 


It all starts with a consultation…


Book in for a full complementary design session with one of our designers. All design sessions are done via Zoom, book a date and time below to get started.


If you would like to contact us by phone, call us direct on 0208 144 0035

Alternatively, book in for a 10 minute call with one of our designers at a time that suits you best.


The Experience

It all starts with a complimentary design consultation which can take place in person or online! We will use our specialist 3D modelling software, giving you the experience of seeing your design being built in real time. We are also here to help you with all things jewellery related, from understanding the four C’s to selecting the perfect design that will work with your lifestyle and budget.

Following your consultation you will receive photorealistic images of your design to make sure that everything is perfect before proceeding to the next stage.

Virtual Consultations

Design From Home

Book your consultation now the same way you arrange a work meeting or a coffee date with a friend. We will send you a web link to join the call, and you will see your designer and his/her computer screen. We will explain the process in detail and help you express your ideas, while we translate them into a ring design before your eyes. Not quite ready? You can also ask for more information or request a preliminary phone call with us.


In-Person Consultations

Not Your Normal Jewellery Store

Rather do it in person? We can do face-to-face too (most of the time!)
Things are a little different these days, but if you are more comfortable with an in-person consultation, please contact us. Due to current global health issues, your appointment may be subject to specific conditions.

Previous Projects

From delicate bands to gothic-style engagement rings, browse through a gallery of custom designs created for clients just like you.

Durham Rose Truly Bespoke Love Stories



How much do bespoke engagement rings cost?

The cost of the ring will depend on the type of precious metal, gemstones and ring size that you are looking to use, but typically our prices start from ~£1450 in platinum and 18K, ~£1050 in 14K Gold and ~£850 in 9K Gold. Plus the cost of any gemstones/diamonds that you wish to incorporate. See here for more information on how we price our bespoke pieces. To speak to one of our designers about pricing, get in touch here.

What if I don’t live near your London showroom or I’m out of the country?

We are fully set up to do our consultations online so wherever you are in the world we are able to reach out to you. We use a specialised screen sharing software so you can fully communicate with your designer and experience the same bespoke journey virtually as you would in house. We also Ship, fully tracked and insured worldwide. 

I want to make my proposal special, will you help?

We can certainly help you make your proposal as special as your ring design. We have years of experience and have witnessed many wonderful proposal stories that we can share to make yours just as memorable.


How long does it take to make a bespoke ring?

Typically a ring would take 2-6 weeks from the point of design sign-off to it being delivered to you. If you have a deadline, let our design team know and they will be able to advise on specific timescales.

Do you offer financing for bespoke rings?

We do not offer financing, but we can break down each payment to make it a bit easier on your bank account. If you would prefer using finance then you may require a better deal using your bank or a seperate finance provider. 

What if I don’t know exactly what design I want?

If you are not sure where to begin then one of our experienced designers can certainly help inspire you. We can start by guiding you through a wide portfolio so you can get a feel for your likes and dislikes, from here we can build up a conceptual model that ticks all of the right boxes.